Slideshows of African sunsets. That's all it seems my father photographed when I was a boy, pulling the Land Rover over sharply to capture the sun's last rays over the Tanzanian Savannah.

Something stuck with me. Years later in New Zealand I still find myself drawn to capturing moments; the late afternoon glow in the sky. Beautiful cloud formations, sunshine glinting off a fender, a sunset through a billowing curtain. My adventures at a young age live on in my mind, mainly due to the photos my father took. They helped shape me, made me who I am.

I started my working life in the travel industry, booking Japanese tourists on coach tours around New Zealand.  A friend of mine had completed a photography course and I was intrigued by his stories. So I rushed out and bought my first SLR. Living in Sydney at the time the sunsets were stunning and plentiful. I continue with the adventure in my career. Shooting the length and breadth of New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and Australia. Whether it's shooting race cars from a helicopter or using the dappled light under palm trees on a tropical island to photograph kids laughing.

I love taking photographs that bring the viewer into that point and time. That evoke an emotion and capture that moment. A note of nostalgia. I love seeking out that feeling that makes people feel alive. The familiar but also the new.